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I maintain a professional interest in divination systems, which includes the Tarot. I recently came across an interesting spread that I wanted to remember. For the uninitiated, a Tarot spread is a pattern of cards designed to answer a specific inquiry. The position of each card is meaningful, as is the overall pattern and relationships between the cards.

I decided that the best way for me to hang onto this spread would be to add it to my catch-all outboard brain; Tinderbox. A couple of minutes later, with just a few adornments and the use of v2.4's enhancements to map view, I had a graphical representation that captured all the essential elements: the dealing-order of the cards, their spatial relationship to each other, and each of their meanings. (Click the image below for a larger view.)


I'm really pleased with this; it certainly beats drawing spreads using a graphics tool, and if I wanted to keep notes or a record of the results of using this spread the tools to do so are readily at hand. Something to explore for another time, but it's delightful to discover yet another way to use the flexible Tinderbox toolset.


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