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Phlink listens in

It's great to see Phlink keep getting better with each release. If you're not familiar with it, it's what I like to call a "telephony erector set" for the Mac. If you can dream up a phone-based process or automation that you want to create, you can pretty much put it together using Phlink.

In Smart Home Hacks, Matt Bendicksen wrote about how to control your home from any phone in the world, with some simple glue between Indigo and Phlink. And that's just one example of the tools you can knit together with the product. If you at all enjoy tinkering, I can't imagine that you wouldn't have a blast.

Phlink 3.0 was just announced, and if you buy the current version now, you'll get a free upgrade to the latest when it ships in February. The new version lets Phlink automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls, and adds integration with EyeTV so you can call your Mac from the road and schedule a new television recording. A neat idea, to be sure, but I think some of the best Phlink-based solutions come from the user community; I can't wait to see what people cook up using the new version.


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